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1961 Continental question

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Is this the correct place to post questions about 1961 Continentals?  Any owners here?  I've been in love with these fine cars since the late 1970s, bought a black on black sedan with a/c in 1985, a few parts cars after that, and very recently bought a convertible project.  A big project.  The VIN plate on the convertible shows that it was a special order car and I'm looking to find more info about that.


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Thank you for your reply Tom.  That Lincoln forum looks like "the ticket."

I would not have taken on this convertible project without 3 parts cars in hand.  Two of them even have the same interior so that was a big bonus.  I did, however, make sure (or try to make sure) that the convertible specific parts were all present and in nice or restoreable condition.

There seems to be a sad story behind this car.  Only 28k miles on the odometer with lots of original parts supporting that mileage but the car seems to have been barely used and sat for decades.  Who knows, it could be one of those "I'm gonna fix up that car some day" stories.  I'm trying to find out more about the car.

A lot of people would have passed on this car but 1) with my longtime love affair/experience and 2) the parts cars in hand I was eager to take it on.  Here I am in 1979 headed to the prom in the car that lit the fire inside me.  Disco fever, baby!


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