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AACA Library interested in donations of used LEGO parts, sets, etc. for children's activities


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Hello everyone! Do you want to help build the car enthusiasts of tomorrow? The AACA Library is looking for donations of used LEGO parts, sets, etc. We would like to use them in a children's play area for our August 24th Kickin' Cancer Cars & Coffee Event. We plan on hosting children's activities, and one of the things we would like to have is a LEGO building area. This would provide children the opportunity to build their own little cars to show off alongside the "big kids!"  The library will continue to use these bricks for future children's activities.


"Kickin' Cancer: A Cars & Coffee Event" will be held on August 24th from 8am-noon at the future home of AACA headquarters. Proceeds will benefit Ryan Packer and his family in his fight against Leukemia. More information on the event can be found here:



If interested in donating LEGO bricks to the cause, please contact Matthew Hocker at 717-534-2082 or mhocker@aaca.org 

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