Robert Engle

1932 58 forever project

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I got the body back from the paint shop today.  It seems like I've been working on this car forever.  I bought it in 1998 it had been stored for 10 years prior to my purchase.  I got it running but not well.  Upon dropping the pan, I found a loose wrist pin locking bolt and a scored cylinder wall.  I pulled the engine and had it bored and oversize pistons installed.  I no sooner got the engine in the car than my employer asked me to move to Wisconsin.  The 32 went into a closed trailer for 2 year in Neenah WI.  I again was asked to move to Connecticut so the 32 stayed trailered.  I retired in 2006 and we moved to Virginia and I began my restoration on the car.  The main reason for restoring was the driverside A pillar wood was rotted out at the main floor wood frame.  The years while the car was in storage were spent collecting 32 parts.  


Today was the milestone of getting the body back from the painter.  Now the tedious part of reassembly begins.


Bob Engle







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Bob,  Its hard to beat red to get that WOW factor. Looks fantastic.  Roger,  I always feel  wire wheels give a more up market look to our Buicks.  I picked up a set of wire,s and hubs for my 25,  but they are 21" not the 22",  Still unsure wether to put the smaller wheels on. Do you still have the car. 

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