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Aubutn Used Rutenber 43/4x5 35-50HP Engine??

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Will some helpful soul save me some time??

 Std cat sez Auburn used some Rutenber engines in some of their 1910-17 30 to 40+ Hp models...

Was one of them a 43/4x5--354.4 engine??

Many thxx for enlightenment...

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I wish someone with more information could answer you. I was looking for more general information., not engine specific but, with good sources, I have the following Auburns using Rutenber engines.


1915             Model 6-47           Touring 6

1915             Model 6-47           (Roadster)

1916             Model 6-38           Roadster (Lt. Six)

1916             Model 6-38           Touring (Lt. Six)

1916             Model 6-40A        Touring 7

1916             Model 6-40A        Roadster

1919          Model 6-39H        Touring 5-P


The 1915 used the Rutenber 6-45 engine and that is the only Rutenber number I have.

The 1919 models used a combination of Teetor, Rutenber and Continental engines to meet an increased demand of more than 500% from 1918.


Once the Chicago group bought Auburn, I didn’t see Rutenber listed as a supplier again. Weidly was a one-year supplier in 1923. BUT I was not doing engine specific searching, these finding are just incidental to my general search.


I hope this helps some.

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Many thanks for reply/info...

I was looking for other uses of that particular Rutenber engine, which was used in the Avery Farn/City Truck for it's short existence, and thought by some to've been built solely for Avery...I'll do a little digging around, altho it's highly unlikely a Farm Truck restorer would be able to pry one away from any Auburn owner...but it's still fun digging around in the old records...l

Should be descriptive articles in the old trade magazines online...how does it go??..."the game is afoo"??

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Auburn used Rutenber engines in 1910 also. The larger ones were 4 1/2x5 totaling 318ci. I'd be interested in knowing what other makes used this same engine.  

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Always fascinating to try to discover what other collectors my be running your engine...

Std Cat shows at least two 4s for Auburn 1910, a 25-30 HP and a 35-40 HP.; a 1909 Rutenbur as lists the 41/2x5 as 30-35 HP and the 43/4x5 as 40-45 HP so we don't have exact matches, but HP is variable...

Research is complicated by both these two fours being also issued as 6s, apparently under the same engine designation---"RA" for the 41/2 x5 and "U" for the 43/4x5... Whether both were separates or pairs i didn't note.. Unfortunately, these letter designations were hardly ever noted in writeups.

Per Tutenbur ads both 4s were available in 1907and 1911, but were not in a 1914 ad (I'm sure there were numerous engine ads between 1911 and 1914)

Both 4s were also available as marine  engines, one  reference stating the 41/2x5 was the most popular, but both apparently successful in their classes/categories, including racing.

Just noticed past my bedtime here; will pick our some probable makes to consider and post in in the AM.

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Well, it's now PM  (I'm no longer an early riser)...

Looks like Lambert a good bet;  all 4s with 28-40HP (Std Cat) model H with 41/2x5 in 1907

Halladay also big Rurenber user, using the 43/4x5at 35-40 HP in 1907 along with smaller 4...

Jewel ditto; "40" was 43/4x5, the 20-40 Hp could be the 41/2x5...

Try Pennsylvania 07-11; 1907 model listed with 41/2x5 Rutenber...

also Glide 06-07; larger was the 43/4, smaller may be yours...

1907 Viking had 40HP Rutenber 41/2x5 (??)..

Continental 07-08 used the 43/4 "U" but also had  25 and 30 HP models...

A1908 Lambert truck is listed with a 41/2x5 35-40 HP, BUT Mroz's Truck Ency sez Lambert trucks had own engines 'till 1911 or so??...

There're a few more oddballs but need to winkle them out from scribbled notes...

Easiest way I know to check these us to run them thru classiccarsatabase etc to check engine listings to see if CID matches...all the above were references to makes/models using Rutenbers. in old trade journals.....

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A few more of interest...

1906 Stoddard-Dayton Rtbr 41/2x5

First National gasoline car, probably their 1906 "D" 35-40 HP

Lexington, Grout  and Westcott---all show both the 318 and 354 in CCDB

1911 Davis 50 listed 43/4x5; their 35 could be the 41/2x5...

The Lauth/ Lauth-Juergens truck with rtbr 41/2x5...

And more buried in my scribbling---I would assume dozens more with careful review of the trade journals and annual specs lists, seeing as how several references described Rutenber as one of, if not THE most populat engines of their day...over and out.

OOPS  rutenber 4s  4x4=201.6; 41/4x5=283.73; 41/2x5=318.09; 43/4x5=354.4

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