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Looking at 16 valve to purchase but it needs some parts


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I have my eye on a 1990 16 valve in pretty good condition.  I need the valve cover gasket, gaskets for the spark plugs, and also the small gaskets (washers?) that go under the valve cover bolts.  Also, the proper torque for the bolts.  I have been looking through the posts and while there are lots of mentions of the gaskets I don't know which are the most current.  Any direction to pursue this information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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  • Mac48 changed the title to Looking at 16 valve to purchase but it needs some parts

There's no more OEM valve cover gaskets. There's a guy named Joel that had a run of new gaskets made a couple of years ago that's a MUCH better design that stock. You can usually find them on e-bay for $150 or so. DO NOT throw the OEM one away!


There's been a few solutions to the outer grommets utilizing o-rings or modified grommets for other applications from what I remember.


Neither the blue or red FSM has the torque spec for the valve cover fasteners. I pulled mine down to 20 in-lb.



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