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1/4 inch From Disaster

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As you know, my latest issue, err..."challenge", on my '39 Special Business Coupe has been the manifold & exhaust leak.


The very last stud hole on it had wallowed out - leading to the leak - and needed to be re-tapped to 7/16ths.  With the manifold assembly removed  I commenced the job.


Since the Tee handle on my tap wouldn't turn without hitting the firewall I decided to use a little 1/4 inch open end wrench on the shaft of the tap.


Well, due to its inadequate size, quality and dubious point of origin - coupled with my lack of experience as to when to stop turning - the side of the wrench blew off.


I finished the job with a beefier Crescent wrench and went on about my business.


Next day I went out to inspect my handiwork and found the launched piece of the wrench.....inside of the adjacent intake port!.


I quickly and carefully plucked the demon from the port and thanked my lucky stars that it didn't continue its journey on into the cylinder.


Moral of the story?   There are many.  Pick your favorite.


My mission continues...…….



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