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1924 buick Master 6 open car new project new guy here.

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Hi Apolo

I have a few questions about rear seat back wood. can you add a few close up pics of these locations marked in the photo.

1 - yellow arrow: what is this metal hardware attached to upper rail wood ?

2 - pink arrow: is this a hard rubber pad for the rear seat springs ?

3 - orange boxes: how are seat back vertical wood pieces fastened to the upper rail and lower sill ?




rear seat wood.jpg

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Hi Kevin.

i will get the close up pics next week. 

you got good eyes there ..! lol.

when i get ready to rip the front seat to reupholster it.. i do remember you want it a set of pics from the rear section of the front seat.

i will post it. no worries.

what i do realized is that the front bottom seat is not correct that's why you see in the early pics when i got the car ..the  upholstery in that seat is different , now i know is not from this car. is a square shape on the bottom frame , when it need to be round in the front corners and it' also an inch longer.. so i will have to do some work to remold it to fit in the box base,



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Hopefully trimacar or one of our other resident upholstery experts sees this thread and points you in the right direction.

I know trimacar has said many times before that you never, ever let someone use foam in a pre-war car.

It should be cotton batting and genuine burlap only.

But one of our experts here can give you details that I will never know.


Good luck with the interior, the car is coming along nicely.

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3 hours ago, Jeff Perkins / Mn said:

. . . . you should find lots of GOOD help and advice on this forum.


I can't agree more. I just wish I could find a younger or healthier AACA forum member, who lived near me, who could physically help with the restoration of my 1914 Humberette, as my health is failing and I am finding doing the work more and more difficult to do. If you ever meet the person who said "life begins at 40" - don't believe it!

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Great to see all the work you have done... love to hear a bit more of the story... how was the wood? Loose at all?

I agree this should be posted in the restoration project forum. My project is going at a much much slower pace..

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    Would you consider moving your post to the Buick Pre War Technical topic postings.  I was not aware of this thread and there are other Buick owners that will participate as  well.  


Regarding your fuel pick up line.  That is a brake line soldered on.  The correct dimensions for the fuel pick up line, and the screen you need are in the Big book of parts.  Attached is a link to walk you thru replacement.      Hugh




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wile i figure things out on how to move the post ..

Today was a rainy day here in southern CA 

that means a perfect day to do things inside the Garage, specially the small stuff you always leave for latter..

had to sandblast this guys out ..just to make it look a bit better..

this are the cowl light Larry got me on Hershey last year..








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Interesting that the taillight has Buick Type C on it, late 20's Pierce Arrows have Pierce Type A stamped on them.

I didn't think that many manufacturers stamped their taillights like that.

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The Buick type C was a later accessory light. Most often found on 1927s. 485053226_DSCF7539(2).thumb.JPG.6f2a2fe56174bb412cfeac365fff37cd.JPG

Tail/license/BUICK illumination/stop/reverse combo.

What originally came on the 1924  6 cylinder car was this.

Tail light/ Buick illumination/license/only unit.


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Another rainy day here in CA..

I'm starting to believe that song from the 60's is a lie...!!! that's what brought me here to began with..!

well .. got to work on the set of brake Bands i got from Kevin..

Free some pins and lube them , steel brash them and got them ready to install.

what i like the most is the reinforcing box...!  look at that ..!





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