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1986 Electra Park Avenue - show and cruise

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I recently purchased a 1986 Buick Electra Park Avenue with 54K original miles.  The car showed up on Marketplace and looked too good to be true.  I wasn't really looking for another car, but have the addiction.  It turned out to be even nicer than expected, closer to being a new car than most just a couple of years old. I am trying to collect the car's history now, and sent a letter to the folks who owned the Buick before the guy I bought it from.  It is a Fire Red Metallic (1986 color) with deep red velour interior and almost loaded.  It has standard air instead of climate control, the analog dash instead of digital, and power seat on only the driver's side.  Other than that, the car has most every option available, as evidenced by its original window sticker!  The engine bay is very clean, including the insulation mat with the silver 'Buick' lettering. Even the chassis has clean paper tags on the struts. The color is very striking - I do not recall seeing another like it.  And it has the unusual rear-opening hood.  The car had been converted over to heavy chrome spoke wheels with knockoffs and wide whitewall tires when I bought it, but the Electra's original heels and wire covers came with it.  I sold the aftermarket wheels and tires and put on a new set of correct whitewalls.  Still a few things to work on, such as the power antenna, dead coach lights, and an occasional high idle.  The Buick runs and drives like new for the most part.  Looking forward to bringing the car to an AACA meet - with a slight cleanup it will do very well in class judging!




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