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Dave Phillips

Sluggish 1929 Model 65

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Hi all,


I’ve now got my Model 65 starting well and the restoration is now complete, so I’ve been going on some short trips around the village just to sort all those little issues out. My concern is, it seems very sluggish especially when I come to any incline, I’m not sure how well it should go but it is a 6 cylinder and should have some torque, my 48 Windsor pulls all day in a low gear.


My question is when the ignition is fully retarded on the steering wheel, in degrees what should the reading be and the same question for when it is fully advanced. I’ve made a marker for the crank pulley at TDC and using a separate 12 volt battery it enables me to use my modern digital timing light, but I can only guess what the values should be.


Also there are two screws on the carb, one flat head screw in the side and one T bar down on the float bowl, any ideas on a good starting point for these two screws, I’m assuming one is idle mixture and one is fast running mixture.


Hope this makes sense and someone can help.

Cheers Dave




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Hi Dave, 


What carb are you using? You might like to check out this post.


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