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Model 20 Hupmobile headlamp forks needed

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Just now, alsfarms said:

Hello Bob,

How close is your car to running?  I assume that the pictures above are to show what you need?


The car was taken apart for restoration in 1975, frame & axles were painted, new wheels were made. My plan is to reassemble everything to see what needs repair, or is missing. Engine and transmission are together and turn freely. I'd love to have it up and running for Hershey swap meet touring.



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G,day listers. Bob perhaps you know there are at least three types of headlamp gimbals on Hup 20 First type are low and clamp to front dumb irons with U bolts, probably phase out early 1910 Model A and early B. Then comes intermediate height two bolt per side vertically through the dumb iron  phased out mid year 1911 used later B and C. Finally same type but higher used mid 1911 on to the end of mod 20  Allowing there will be a short period of overlap this is about the types used and when. Don't despair you can fabricate a pair and the link rod and if you are fussy you wont be able to tell them from original. Both of our 1911 have the intermediate height and are both mid 1911 mod C and D. Good luck with your search!

Max Burke Nulkaba 2325 Australia

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