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Thought I would mention that Twin6Man, Robert E. Signum II, of Dayton, Ohio & America's Packard Museum passed away last week

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My post on his memorial page:


I am so very sorry to hear. I first met Bob around age 7 or so (1972) and every day of grade school I walked past his house to and from often admiring a white 1961 Jaguar XK 150 Drophead or other interesting automobiles. Bob started my interest in Packard cars. And Bob and I had the pleasure of working together regarding the operations of America's Packard Museum for 3 years during very dark economic days of 2009, 2010, and 2011. We also shared in common being attorney's and I loved that whatever the topic Bob and I could have a detailed conversation that I have found in very few others. Bob loved Christmas too - here is a photo shoot we did that became a Museum Christmas Card - That is Bob's 1928 Packard in the shot. John Mereness


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Enjoyed meeting Bob many years back - possibly when we visited the Museum in Dayton in 1996 when the Glidden Tour leg from Asheville, NC to Dearborn, MI stopped overnight in Dayton. Bob and Betty Thurstone were with us during the visit, and driving their (former) 1930 Packard 733 convertible coupe.


Bob was a wealth of knowledge, and an all around nice guy with whom to speak - especially when the conversation turned to Packard.



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