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1977 Electra Limited

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Green 2 door Landau coupe, approximately 128k miles.  $7500 OBO

Bruce W.

Topeka, KS



  Any offers out there?

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Bruce, your Electra looks nice.  I have a 1979 two-door,

virtually the same but in a different shade of green.


These are nice cars, which for some reason don't bring

the money commensurate with their excellence.  For

example, there was an award-winning 1977 model for sale

at Hershey a few years ago--only 39,000 miles, a First Junior

award winner, and for sale by a dealer who had to have

bought it and marked it up for a profit.  I hope you won't

think me too forward for pointing out this past example.

They were asking $7800:




Hershey--1978 Buick for sale 1.JPG

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