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Are these good reliable fun cars? Theres a black 89? Near ne for sale

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I'm going to start with the second question. All of the years are very similar. The only differences are: exterior color availability, interior color availability, drive train, driver's air bag. I wouldn't be surprised if most TC owners consider the '89/'90 cars to be the "best" simply because they were the only years the 16V engine was available. '91 cars are actually left over '90 cars, but all are V6/auto drive train. The only "pay-for" option available on these cars was a "slave" CD player...everything else was standard, even the 16V engine. Only 501 cars were produced with the 16V engine with 5-speed manual transmission. This makes finding parts challenging, but not impossible. They are reliable if taken care of. The other 2 engine/transmission options were the Chrysler 8V 2.2 Turbo II engine hooked up to a 3-speed auto, or the Mitsubishi sourced 3.0 V6 with the 4-speed electronically controlled transmission.


Things to be concerned about: brakes. This car uses a Teves ABS system that is very obsolete. There are some parts out there, but they can be expensive. The good thing is the cars can be converted to vacuum assisted brakes. The interiors are all leather, but hardly anyone took care of it the way you're supposed to, so most of the time the interiors need some love. They are SUPER comfortable, though. I say it's like a leather couch going down the highway. The 4-speed transmission was early in it's production life and were known to have issues. If it's been rebuilt or replaced, that's not uncommon, and probably means the updates have been done and all's well. The V6 engines could drop valve guides and smoke. Again, a later revision fixed this issue. The 8V turbo engine is actually de-tuned from the state it is normally found in from 172hp to 160hp to help the 3-speed transmission, however, that transmission can hold quite a bit more power and that engine is easy to get more power from. It's good to about 72-74mph on the highway, but the gearing was meant for the old-school 55mph speed limit, so above 75mph and the engine is winding out and making boost all of the time. As for rust: the place I've seen have the most issues is the rocker, just ahead of the kick-strip inside the door sill. The stainless kick-strip rubs the paint, then of course nature takes its course. Most of the time if the hard top is on the car, the soft top hasn't been used in a long time. There's a pull-down mechanism that latches the tops down, and those have issues with the old grease gumming up the gears and breaking. It's easily fixed.


What I like....again: it's a leather couch going down the highway...

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Good job Reaper.  My first concern starts with the subject and in 1989 they did not title any black TC's.  The blue grease that Reaper spoke of used on the pull down mechanism was also used in the odometer and when it harden over time broke the gears in the odometer and it no longer works.  There was a total of 7,300 TC made so you can see how many spare parts are available except when one finds it way to the junk pile.  I would not buy one without seeing and driving the car as there can be a lot of hidden problems.  Check every moving part such as power seats, antenna, pull down, windows, door locks and so on.  Mileage is a big consideration for pricing and when the mileage is lower the interior leather is probably in better condition.  Good luck.  They are a lot of fun driving.

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Since I own an 89 8 valve TC and though I have converted the ABS brakes to a vacuum assisted 'normal' brake system with a normal master cylinder and have also switched from the automatic 3 speed to a 5 speed manual transaxle from a Dodge Daytona Shelby, I have to say that I have loved driving this same TC since 1995 many many miles. 

It is still a shock when the head gasket decides "It's had enough." The 2.2L engines are really very reliable and fun to drive especially with a 5 speed, but you must consider that whatever TC you purchase, that the owner reveals everything that has been done to the car in the way of service. I have been a Chrysler Tech since 1959 when we were called 'mechanics' and have serviced mine throughout the years. But, head gaskets will go sooner or later, as in my case.

Find out if you look at an 89 as it will be a 4 cylinder, if that (head gasket) has ever been replaced, and how many miles since. If the own doesn't know, be aware, it could go any time.

After all, the car is 30 years old, check the build date it's on the driver's door. Mine was built in '88.

As has been stated above, the car is a dream to drive on long trips, like 'flying' is how it feels to me on a smooth, long Interstate highway. Great fuel mileage too, up to 34 MPG.

Enjoy your search and know that we will be here to assist with answers, should you purchase Chrysler's TC by Maserati.

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