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Had someone reply to a post I made looking for a Carter WCFB carburetor.

After numerous exchanges the guy "seemed" legit and when we agreed on a price he told me he would only accept Bitcoins.

He even went as far as to tell me based on my zip code where these Bitcoins Kiosk type ATM machines were located?

Just seems really odd to me and he got pushy when I told him I was unsure about the whole thing.

He refused to take paypal and said he got hacked and no longer used it.

Anyway, I told him no sale.

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That story about PayPal sounds like BS. I've been involved in over 31,000 transactions on eBay and PayPal was used in over 30,000 of them with no problems whatsoever. You made the right choice by saying no sale. By the way, what the hell are bitcoins? 

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It's considered crypto currency.......https://www.lifewire.com/what-are-bitcoins-2483146

Same here, I've had thousands of paypal transactions dating back 15 years and never had any issues. 

He tried to convince me to drive to an ATM 40 miles away that's processes the Bitcoins transactions.

Just an FYI Gents if someone else should come across this kind of thing.


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PayPal gives you some protection in case a transactions goes sour.  At least you stand a chance of getting your money put back in your PayPal account if you can prove you were cheated. 


Bitcoin on the other hand is like sending cash in an envelope to a P.O. Box and hoping you get something in return.  Scammers love Bitcoin because there is no chance of getting the money back or knowing for certain who got the money.  I won't use it.

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what the hell are bitcoins? 


somebody is showing their age.................




Paypal is wonderful for a buyer and I use them for that. But, I will NEVER accept paypal. Fees and they only support the buyer- same as ebay. If you have a problem as a seller- ppl will screw you over and how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wouldnt deal with bitcoin either. However- I have done trades with european customers- where they buy something on ebay for me, in exchange for a car part. example- gold or silver of my choosing. it is fast and easy..........


Zelle is another terrific option- like a wire- no fees to either party and limited info given-so no numbers out there floating..........

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Exactly, bitcoins are like currency just require mutual trust to work and are untraceable (some people like that). Since I do not buy/sell much can be choosy and deal in either Benjamins or wire transfers. See the thread on Cashiers Checks for more than you ever wanted to know.


What really gets me is the current trend to issue refunds in the form of gift cards. I finally got one down to 12c but can be complicated.

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