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Power window regulator problems


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Love my 25th Anniversary Regal LS. Hate the windows.

Anyone else sick and tired of the power window regulators breaking all the time? I got sick of

paying $300 a pop to get a replacement assembly that was the same lousy design as the one

that broke. So, I designed a part (that I'm in process of getting a patent for) that just about any

shadetree mechanic can use to permanently fix this problem for under $30.

I guess what I'm wondering is ... what kind of demand is out there for this product? Also, I've

designed this part soley to fix my own car, but was wondering if anyone knows if they use these

same regulators (or basic design) in other cars? I could start going to junk yards, but I'd rather

have people tell me models to look for, first, you know?

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Once I get the patent number and get production up and running, I plan to offer them to anyone

here at my cost, just to get them out there and get some real-life testing and customer feedback.

Anyone interested?

Thanks again.


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