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3 hours ago, Robert Street said:

Steve will the trailer parking be on the entrance road to the musuem as last year or behind the "warehouse" as previous years as the site map isn't very clear.  Both of the above are on the other side of the interstate.



The hotel where we normally stay in Fort Wayne is full, I got rooms at the Wingate by Wyndum in Auburn


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I would like to have a car judged at Auburn, except it is not finished yet.  Assuming I read the registration form correctly can I register anytime up to Apr 20th, mail in hand at the AACA office?  Can I switch a vehicle for judging by the same date, if the original vehicle is not completed and ready for showing.  I think I am asking what is the latest date I can sign up for judging at Auburn?


Regards, Gary Van Dyken

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Bev and I have been with the AACA for a short time and I am very much impress with the friendliness and efficiency of the office.  I mentioned in my weblog under Me and My Buick, here as well, I would like to have my car judged and today I received a registration packet for Auburn.

I like the AACA to be pro active, it leads me to believe the club cares about me.

Back to the shop, my 1915 McLaughlin has a deadline to meet.


Thanks Steve, Gary


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