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1909 Mitchell Landaulet

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Does anyone know what became of this Mitchell? Seen here around 1989 with its owner/restorer Ed Gill of Portland, OR.

Or any of Ed’s cars for that matter.


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20190806_102202.thumb.jpg.9a858b688680c21e1aa9c17f208d895b.jpgHey im an hvac tech in Washington and i just  serviced ed's wife billie's hot water tank. Its still around. As are his other 15. Here is some shots of it i just took.


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Posted (edited)

Thank you sir!


That is the very car. I haven’t seen it in 30 years. In fact, August 1989.

So this car bears explanation - 

Ed Gill was born in 1898, and as a young man he worked for a coachbuilding firm in California. When it went out of business he moved to Portland, Oregon and then retired still very young in the 1950’s. Very young and very skilled. 


Ed proceeded to restore cars for the rest of his long life into the early 1990’s. He only restored cars for himself, and had room for only 6 or 7 cars at his house in Portland.  He was ALWAYS restoring a car, which means he always had to sell one.


Ed was known for his set practice of selling a car for no more than he put into it. Since he did all of the work himself it was never very much. I remember this VIVIDLY because he had a 1930 Stutz 5-passenger limousine he thought was worth $16,000 in 1989. I was 16 and had about $600 — and no one in my family had any interest in these cars _at_all_. That pains me to this day.


This Mitchell was one of his last restorations, and like every car he restored, he drove it across the country when it was completed — literally. He took a photo with its rear tires in the Pacific Ocean, and a photo of the front tires in the Atlantic Ocean. He loved these cars and he loved people and he really loved showing them to people. They don’t make them like Ed anymore....


Cars like this typically wind up in some collection never seeing the light of day for another 30 years until they turn up in an estate auction. Or so I thought.


After talking with Hvacman (who created an account on this forum just to share the pictures he took of it), it turns out that Ed’s practice of selling a car for no more than he put into it was also HIGHLY selective — this car was sold to a Washington state couple who not only loved it, but toured it across the country for many years. If you look at the pictures closely, you’ll notice it actually resides in a room in the owners’ house!


I am so thrilled to know that it has been enjoyed and shared with people just as Ed did.






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