1931 Dual Point Timing- Advice?

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If for some reason the advance unit went to full advance when you were trying to adjust secondary points with the Syn 6 marks lined up the rotor would be past or near past terminal 6 on the cap.  That's probably wishful thinking but possible.  As far as the springs being weak the only real way to test is with a distributor machine.  My experience is if the original springs are taut enough to install over the spring posts on the advance rotor and flyweights with flyweights all the way collapsed in and no slack between spring end and groove in the post that's pretty normal.  They are very weak springs at best because the distributor rotates half engine speed and the advance unit is supposed to start at 10-14 degrees at 800 crank or 400 distributor shaft speed, 19-23 at 1800 crank/900 distributor and is fully advanced at 30-34 degrees at 3000 crank or 1500 distributor speed.  Keep in mind 34 is the total advance including the initial advance you dial in using the flywheel marks with engine stopped.


One other thing to try if you are game.  Someone mentioned the fact that if there is a mis match of points to the distributor THAT could affect the geometry and cause the secondary points not to be capable of being synchronized at the Syn 6 mark.  Do you know for sure that the distance from the pin the movable point pivots on to the center of the contact point on the movable point is equal for both primary and secondary movable points, I.E. are the arms the same length?  The point bases should also be symmetrically opposite each other.  If you took both bases off and matched up the bottom plates of the stationary point bases all the adjustment holes should line up perfectly.  If not you have the wrong point base on one of the point sets.  The bases should match perfectly.     




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