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People who own a Franklin and use a 2 post lift

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Well the rain finally quit and I am finishing up the final details before pouring the slab for my new garage and in the plans is installing a 2 post lift.  It will be a symmetrical lift as I only have 24 feet front to back in that area and with 10 foot walls the peak of the building will be centered on the post if I divide that space in half.  Now most lift manufactures say this is fine for newer cars and trucks as I will have right around 140 inches front clearance from the center of the post to wall.  But I do not know how far forward in inches a Franklin will be from the center of the post to get a balanced lift.  So if anyone who uses a two post lift with a Franklin could kindly tell me in a rough measurement how much of the car sits forward from the center of the post it would be greatly appreciated before I go and dig out the footers for the posts at center when in actuality they should be a foot forward or back of center.  

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cinch straps.  Excellent idea.  You just made my choice of lifts very easy.  Your total ceiling height is 12 ft correct ?

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