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1993 Allante how expensive to keep? Reliable? Northstar?


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I am a owner of a 1993 that I bought from the original family that ordered it new. It has 27,000 mile on a garage kept California car. I think The Allante is a neat car to own.  Some would say it is what brought Cadillac into the next century, others would say that it was one of the biggest money Pits that GM got into.  The truth is somewhere in the middle.  Personally I like the fact that they made about as many Allantes from 1986 to 1993 as Packard made V-12 a , round number slightly over 20,000 more or less. These cars were also in the $50 to &60 K price range when new. I would say that good advice is to spend  more and buy the absolute best example you can find ,of course when I am asked that is the advice I give to anyone who is interested in buying vintage cars ( ask me how I learned) .  Please PM me if you are looking at buying one, 

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I owned a 1992 Allante.  There is nothing wrong with the conv top; except that it is manually operated!


Any/all purported problems with the '93 North* engine have been resolved by 2019.


I found the biggest problem to be the cheap, plastic interior hardware/fittings  If the sound system is not working at present it could be expensive to repair.  Never had any computer problems.


The cars are going for bargain prices, but beware one gets what the pay for so, going cheap is usually -NOT- a good deal in the long run!



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I think the Northstar cars (the only ones worth owning, IMHO) represent HUGE bang for the buck. 300 horsepower in a slick-looking 2-seat convertible? Nice!


I have a decent '93 Northstar available for under $10K.





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And for me I have a 400+ hp GTO Judge and no need for an early Northstar. My experience (Crysler Crossfire, SLK320  Merc) is that 200ish HP in a small car is "enough" (traction control is a good thing). Have always wanted "more" in my Reatta but not enough for a L67 swap. 89 was the first to have the 200hp engine, standard hardtop, no recalled airbag, and lotsa luggage space. And about 1/4 the price of an XLR with 65k miles. Also find little effective difference between 4 spd-lockup, 5-speed, or 6-speed automagics. Biggest drawback: no RKE, has single cigarette lighter, and no cupholder. But I can reprogram it.

So it depends on what you want but personally think before the 2004 Northstar the best one was the Shelby 4.0. (friend has one and if the 4.5 proved insufficient but doubt it.


ps "distributorless ignition was also a first for GM" Buick had on 87 GN and then 88 Reatta.

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