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Hello fellow newsletter editors,


I am hoping you can help me. I would like to feature a car from our club each month, but need to come up with a standard questionnaire of what to ask the member (i.e. to get the story behind the car). I am drawing a blank at all the questions I should be asking. What do you ask your members to tell you about their cars?? What would you add to this? I want to make these stories interesting and drum up member participation and excitement!


Thanks in advance! ~Lisa


So far I have:

  • ·       How did you find this car?

  • ·       Why this car?

  • ·       What have you done to the car?

  • ·       Any future plans for the car?

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Although these are posted on our club's website most of them have also appeared in our newsletter. I'm not sure this will help as we, the newsletter editor or myself, don't ask any questions.  We just let them tell us whatever they want to say about their car. Here are some examples - Car Stories -




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