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Franklin Fat man steering wheel accidentally deleted

Brooklyn Beer

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Sorry but I accidentally deleted the topic.  I will repost the pictures of the topic in question concerning the nuts for the cylinders VS valve tubes.  Am guessing the larger nuts with same thread provided a larger surface mating area for better torque distribution?  


Check it out

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I was trying to delete a quote box in my post.  And delete actually meant delete the thread.


As well thought out and engineered as a Franklin was I can see them having all these sorts of specialty hardware.  If the time ever comes to part out a car I can see everything from the lowest nut to cotter pin needs categorized and saved !

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Another point about the cylinder hold down nuts: Both the Series 10 and Series 11 owners' manuals have "tighten cylinder hold down nuts" as part of the monthly service. I think this is part of regular service for later Franklins as well.  Until very recently, I owned a 10B that had the original two nuts on each corner of each cylinder.  When I bought the car, several nuts were loose enough that oil was leaking out.  I made sure all the nuts were tight and I checked all the nuts yearly.  After the first tightening, none of the nuts could be tightened more than a few degrees.  If you tighten cylinder hold down nuts, check the valve clearances. 

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