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1915 Simplex Crane Model 5 Tourer for sale

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Located in Redding, CT


Chassis no. 2046

Engine no. 2049

564ci L-Head Inline 6-Cylinder Engine

Single Updraft Carburetor

110bhp at 2,900rpm
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Semi-elliptic Leaf Spring Suspension with Tubular Dampers 
Double Acting Mechanical Brake on Rear Wheels


Its original owner was Marcellus Hartley Dodge, the chairman of Remington Arms and the husband of a famous Rockefeller.  He was also the president of the YMCA.  The subsequent long term owner, a Mr. Adler, was reported to have kept the car for three decades. Adler parted with his beloved Simplex in 1946. 


For more information please contact Mark Herman at mark@hermancompany.com or (203) 733-7549




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Mark, you have an interesting car.

Because this forum reaches beyond North America,

you should tell where the car is located:  England?

New England?  British Columbia?  British Guiana?


Also, a phone number--some way to contact you--

would be helpful.  Sometimes, newcomers to the forum

post ads or questions but never return to see the responses!

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Thanks for providing your contact information.

From your e-mail address, I could look at your

interesting website.  


Not only are you well-versed in the early cars,

I see you're a steam-car expert.  You probably know

a couple of people that I know (though I'm not involved

in steam cars myself).

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