1938 Cadillac V16 7 Passenger unrestored original. 28k miles, off the road since 1954.

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6 hours ago, mdsbob said:

Without what your family did there would be a lot less cars for them to sit in the cheap seats and crow about.

Or alot more that would have been restored when people were doing full restorations in their back yard.  Many cars were left outside for years as well and not sold or marketed until recently.  These were not saved.  They were spoiled. 


Maybe I am a cheap seats guy but I have spent plenty on cars and resurrected more than a few.  I speak realistically taking the current climate into consideration.  Some just don't like to hear the truth.  


Come on where are all the guys lining up to buy these? Especially the brush line cars for 10G. 


You want them saved,  price them right , get them out and they will sell. 


Did I mention I sold all three cars I put up for sale with the longest taking under 3 weeks to sell with limited marketing?  It's not so hard if you really want to sell them.  Especially when they were bought at scrap prices years ago to sell them and even make a tidy profit. 


Still only a few poor photos of a car with now 5 pages of posts.  (wow) 

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