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finally got some cash to buy firestone new non skid tires, get to install new tube and flap and tire today.  can these tires be balanced?



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happy fourth

also if anyone can spare some lug nuts right and left let me know will pay top dollar. also one of the tire rings is not so nice, would like to find a better one.  would buy complete rim also.



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You are running on disc wheels, correct?  Being so narrow, you can probably have them single plane balanced. Mine are not balanced and I have no issues.  If you are having an issue, I suggest having someone follow you while driving to make sure they are all running true first then check your front wheel alignment, kingpins, front wheel bearings and tie rod ends for looseness. Generally at 40 or 45 mph with these tall tires you won't feel a balance issue unless it's really bad.


I still have a spare 24" disc wheel that I never managed to ship out and I'm tripping over it. If interested PM me and I can try to get that out. I do have a few spare lug nuts - maybe a few of each


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