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Thick manifold washers? Which to use?


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I've removed intake and exhaust manifolds on my '37 Pontiac Deluxe 6 to sandblast and paint.   Now on re-installing I need to replace the 1/8" thick manifold washers but they're hard to find being they have to be an inch o.d.    I've located ones that are stainless and also plain zinc plated steel that will work but I'm wondering if high temperatures of the exhaust manifold will affect the stainless steel washers.  Since the price is practically the same as well as the overall measurements which would be a better choice?   I suppose to remain as close to the originals I should stick with the plain zinc coated steel washers.   Any suggestions would be appreciated?   Thanks

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I only ask because I noticed while researching stainless washers that they have a high heat range up to 300 degrees.    Exhaust manifolds surpass that temperature range so I wondered if that could be a potential problem?    Has anyone used extra thick stainless washers on their manifolds and experience any problems with their use?    I thought I better be more specific with my questions so I added this.

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