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1962 Olds Dynamic 88 Speedometer cable routing

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Speedometer stopped working on my '62 Olds Dynamic 88.  Found the pin in the transmission had broken off.  Removed pin with a pair a needle nose pliers, and covered the port with a plastic cap.  Unscrewed the speedometer cable from the speedometer, and pulled the cable out from under the car.


The big mistake I made was not attaching a line to the end of the speedometer cable when I pulled it out, to allow me to pull the new one in. 


I just spent two hours fruitless trying to thread the new cable into place.  According to the shop manual it goes through a rubber grommet in the floor, then through another hole and hooks 180 degrees to the right  and then out under the car.  Cannot see, let alone feel, this route, from either inside the cabin or under the car.


The cable has a 90 degree guard on the section which attaches to the speedometer, and a spring on the end which attaches to the transmission.


Any hints on how to replace the cable?  Which direction is easier?  I am going to try and thread a flexible piece of plastic first to use as a tow line for some small diameter metal cable, and then use that to pull the speedometer cable through, but I am not optimistic.



1962 Olds speedometer cable.jpg

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I changed my cable 15 years ago when I installed the cruise control. I recall it being a b*tch. I think it runs through that part of the cowl that mounts the mounts the body to the frame. It's kind of a blind spot. I'm guessing I tied a string to it before I removed it. Wish I could be of more help.

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