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Are There Any Guides To Purchasing Riviera Late Models?


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7 hours ago, rodneybeauchamp said:

Hi all,

this has been an interesting read for me as I am contemplating the purchase of a ‘98 or ‘99 Riviera in the near future as our LHD laws have been relaxed allowing 25YO cars to be registered here (South Australia).


I will need to sell one first as I don’t have garage space for three Buicks, and as much as I appreciate the Silver Arrow collellectabilty, Silver is not my preferred colour option.


Did anyone have any further information on what to look for in these years. Must admit a bright diamond white pearl with red trim took my fancy a few weeks ago. Hmm wonder why 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


Any information would be much appreciated 

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Wheel speed sensors are a common failure.  Not cheap to fix.  If anti-lock light is on and the cruise doesn’t work, that is usually the cause.  
Fuel gauge sending unit WILL fail.  Ask if it is original or has been replaced.

Intake manifold gasket will also fail.  Ask the same question.

Seatback pouches will break away from the seat if filled with items or used to pull the seat back.

Steering column fractures are common.  Follow this thread back for more information.

If car spent time around road salt, check the front sub-frame mounting areas for rust.

Electronic gremlins eventually creep in with age on any GM car of this vintage.

Hope this helps.

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