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Trunk drain holes


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I traced down a smell in my 90 convertible to water in the spare tire well. Are there supposed to be any drain hole in the trunk area? Those cushioning pads hold a lot of water. I was thinking of replacing them with something or doing away with them all together.

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Water is not supposed to get into the trunk.

My guess on your problem........the convertible boot seal has a drain on both sides that routes water to drain holes that are in front of the rear tires.

You will note there is a "gutter" welded on the front side of the rear tire housing (this is only on convertibles)

The boot seal drain goes to the gutter and the gutter routes the water to those drain holes.

You need to check the floor under the seats........you may have water there also.....all depends on where your drain problem happens to be.

The 1990 Service manual has a couple of pictures......section 19-9-21 (figure 41) shows the gutter but does not point it out.

section 19-9-38 (figure 61) shows the seal and drain tube.

If the drain tube is missing.......most of the water would go into the trunk

If the drain in front of the rear wheels is plugged then water could spill into the passenger compartment.

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Well I checked the drains and both were clear, but I did find dampness under the driver seat. I think I'm going to replace the "rag material" padding with some rubber fatigue mat material . The car was outside since April 4th and we had a ton of rain. But from now on it will under cover in bad weather.


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