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Signal Switch 3Wire 6v Hookup

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'39 and '40 which were the first years for turn signals had separate appliances for them. The stop lights and tail lights were together on the tail fins, the turn signals were on the trunk. If you want to make your car look snazzy, get a '39 or '40 BUICK EIGHT turn signal fixture.

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A 3 wire unit wont wire into anything really, you need separate light housings. The wiring will all be new and separate.


       6v >> flasher input pin

       Flasher output pin >> center contact of switch


and then...


       Right switch contact >> both right hand bulbs

       Left switch contact >> both left bulbs

       If you are going to have have two turn signal indicators (inside the car), hook one to each side.

       If you will have only one, hook it to the third pin on the flasher.


and finally....


       Make sure all sockets are grounded.


On a 1937 Buick is it probably possible to change the parking light sockets for dual contact sockets, and dual filament bulbs, and put the front signals in with the parking lights. On the back you would still need to add separate lights.



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