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After the annual meeting in Philadelphia I went through the new Judging guidelines book.

 In the Judging Guidelines book I observed the following that may need correcting:

Class 36k. Trucks...1966-1989.  There are no models listed later than 1979.  On line 13 there is a subheading, 1966-1989, I believe that should say, GMC.
Class 36j. AMC...1970-1980.   There are no models listed later than 1976.
Class 36i. Ford & Mercury...1970-1980.  There are no models listed later than 1974.
Class 36h. Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth...1970-1980.  There are no models listed later than 1974.
Class 36g. Chevrolet & Oldsmobile...1970-1981.  There are no models listed later than 1975.
Class 36e. ….1960-1969 AMC  Should say AMC....1967-1969.  There are no models listed earlier than 1967.  I don't believe the AMX subheading is needed.
Class 36d. …..1957-1969 Ford & Mercury Should say, Ford & Mercury...1957-1970.  The 1970 Boss Mustangs are listed here and in class 36i.
Class 36c …..Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth.  Should say Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth....1955-1969.
Line #1 says Chrysler......1955-1969.   Chrysler should be moved down one line.
Class 36b. Chevrolet & Oldsmobile...1957-1969 There are no models listed earlier than 1961.  On line #8 under Chevrolet it says 428cid.  I believe that should say 427cid.
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Guest Mark McAlpine

Hello Machittome,


    As Steve said, thanks for the input.  Great timing, too, as I'm just finishing reviewing the 2019 Official Judging Guidelines for HQ to catch and correct typos for the 2020 edition.  I'm incorporating your comments about the GMC Spring, AMX, Chrysler, and Chevrolet 427.


    We can discuss and consider at the Class Judging Committee meeting in Hershey this October the issues of whether additional vehicles should be included in Class 36, but it would help if you could provide examples of vehicles you think should be added to each Factory High Performance Vehicles class you cite. 


    For the most part, the cut-off years in Class 36 reflect the end of the true high-performance years for the models listed.  Post-1974/1976 saw "high performance" models of with venerable names like AMX, Camaro, Corvette, Firebird, Mustang, Roadrunner, etc., reduced to names & decals only, with engine horsepower drastically slashed due to manufacturers downsizing cars and engines to improve gas mileage and meet emission standards.  With a few notable exceptions, true high-performance (meaning high horsepower and/or quick performance times) domestic vehicles didn't begin to return until the late 1980s.  (Today's high-performance vehicles over shadow muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s in power, handling, safety, gas mileage, etc.  Heck, there are new 4- and 6-cylinder family cars being sold now that would smoke my 1970 muscle car in a drag race.) 


    That said, we can raise the issue of how "High Performance" is defined for Class 36 with the Class Judging Committee.  (I've only been on the committee for two years, so chances are this has been discussed before, but it doesn't hurt to revisit the question.)  Again, it would be helpful if you could provide examples of specific vehicles you think should be added.  I should point out that Official Judging Guidelines do state that the owner of any vehicle he/she believes should be included in Class 36 can submit a request, with factory documentation, to the VP of Judging for review by the Specified Class Committee, which reviews the info and provides a recommendation to the Class Judging Committee. 


    Thanks again!  Your suggestions are very helpful.

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