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Convertible top 1972 Centurion

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Hello all, looking for some advice.  I have a 1972 Centurion convertible and last week I thought the top motor had burned itself out.  So I ordered a new motor and relay, since they're both behind the back seat for some reason,  and I wanted to take the seat out once if I could.  So since the garage sale was slow today I attempted replacing said parts.  Once I got the seat out, my neighbor knocked on the relay and lo and behold the top worked, great.  However it was very slow, so I decided to do the motor since i was in there.  during the swap we found the passenger side drive cable was loose at the top, so we tightened it, then the new fun began.  The top functioned perfectly the first 2 runs, so we put it down for a 3rd time to put the seat back in and then the top only went up 1/3 of the way and stopped.  It went up the rest of the way with help, but does not seem to want to go up, the motor just shuts off now.  Going down it runs amazing, even the Mrs. said wow that was fast.  I went ahead and bought both cables since they are 47 years old and I feel like I'd be tempting fate if I did just one.  So here's what I am wondering

1. Does anyone have any ideas why it would just stop only when going up?

2.  Is it better to replace the cables with the top up or down?

3.  Dose anyone have a diagram showing how the cables are run?

Thank you in advance for any help provided. 


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