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Factory Manuals - 1910 Elmore and 1912 Buick Model 29

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Looking for shop/factory manuals for 1910 Elmore and 1912 Buick Model 29.  So far can't find anything on the internet.


Any Idea as to where I need to look?


I need to set timing on the 1910 Elmore.

I need to remove/breakdown water pump on 1912 Buick model 29

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You could try the AACA library but... I don't know how familiar you are with pre-WWI manuals. The "shop manual" as we know had not been invented then. Every early manual I've seen concentrated on very basic questions - like how to drive a car and why you have to change the oil. It is likely that most people who bought a car, at least up to the end of WWI, had never owned one and didn't know how to drive. What were popular were general works - J.E. Homans Self Propelled Vehicles, P.M. Heldt's The Gasoline Automobile or the multi volume series called Automobile Egineering. That is just three of them. They will give you an idea how things were supposed to work but rarely give specific information on how to work on a particular make of car. It was presumed that the mechanic had enough knowledge to figure out how to dismantle the part and fix it. All this was true of most things - there are no manuals for early machine tools either.


Unless you can find something in an Antique Car magazine by a relatively modern restorer pertinent to your Buick I doubt you will find anything at all.

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