1966 Thunderbird turn signals

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Thank you for your article on the sequential turn signals. I have a question about my front turn signals.
  • Two of three sequential turn signals lights working
  • Front turn signals do not work
  • Front running lights work
  • Fender lights go on but do not blink
I removed front turn signal lights and found one to be bad. Not sure about second because I broke it upon removal
I tested the front turn signal sockets with a volt meter while the turn signal is turned on. Voltage varies from zero to less than one volt. Seems like voltage should vary from zero to 12. I am assuming that bulbs can be removed to check this.
I have read the articles on the rear sequential lights and am working on that. I am more concerned on how the front turn signal lights work and what to look for. Absolutely hate the schematics in the owners manual. Wires are hard to follow after plug in terminals since wire colors change at that point
Does anyone have any ideas on what to look for to get front turn signals working?
Thank you

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