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Need help identifying and selling Dodge Bros 4 cyl motor

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My dad, the mechanic who originally came up with this motor, (but I have no idea where, it was more than 20 years ago), always said this was from a 38-40 Dodge Brothers vehicle, but was also used in a Chrysler of the same vintage.  Right or wrong?  I don't know more about it.  There is a spare distributor with the motor.  It seems to all be there, but you tell me.  I want to sell the old motor to someone who will love it as much as he did, though he never did seem to find time to rebuild it like he always planned.


Asking for information, and it is for sale.


Asking $600.00  OBO


Located near Asheville, NC

Needs to be picked up on or before 29 July, 2019

call or text any offers to 828-329-6257  (text preferred)











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I don't know if it could run, but it has never run that I have seen.  I can check and see if the engine engine turns freely.  Someone traded it to my dad years ago, and he planned to rebuild the engine, but got gout in his hands, and they put an end to his mechanic-ing.  I can't really ask him about it now, since he has passed.  I will be by there this afternoon, I will see if I can get a number, and try to rotate the engine.

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The casting date on the front apron looks like February 1925 (0225?).  Given the usual time to season the castings, single unit starter/generator and later type oil breather/filler tube I'd put this engine at early 1926 series (July 1 to December 1925).

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 I went by this afternoon to see if I can get any more numbers, and try to rotate the engine.  I got some numbers, but off off what I think is a spare water or oil pump/distributor drive.  I did not see any numbers otherwise that I have not shown.  See the pictures is the easiest.


The motor rotates easily.  Not by hand, but I put a 2 foot piece of shovel handle in the flywheel and it moved easily and freely. 


In addition to the spare distributor, there is a spare water pump, oil pump assembly, or at least that is what I think it is.


Someone has written what appears to be MOPAR on the block in crayon or slate, no idea who or when, or what they knew.












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I cleaned off above where the carburetor should bolt on, and low and behold, there was a number there.  See the pictures.  moving other things I found 4 spark plugs that may not be right, but look close.  You can read the numbers at least.  I also found a dashboard That could have been from whatever car this came from, and a piece of floorboard with some controls.  Also a couple of rolls of spark plug wire that might be appropriate.  I thought the dashboard was impressive, not really bent, and not really rusty, just some surface rust on one end.







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1 minute ago, nearchoclatetown said:

The engine number is usually ABOUT 50,000 more then the car serial number. Using that this engine came in a car built about Mar. of 1926.

Yes, the one for sale is A687.... and the engine is A760-...

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It looks like the right dashboard as well, and maybe the floorboard... Less sure about the floorboard. The engine in that car is considerably different, maybe the coil is adapted and some other things as well, but not sure about the distributor moving,  much less the carbureter.  OK, I can accept it is a 1926 model.  I guess the next question is what it is reasonably worth.  Dad always said $600.  I have no idea if that is reasonable.  

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Your safest thing to do is go to ebay now that you have an idea what you have. All you will get here is opinions while there you will see what they actually sell for.  The approximate 50,000 number is well known from Jan. 1915. We think it was done to stop confusion with the serial number. If you look at the DBC website there is a list of car serial numbers and build dates to check for yourself. The engine numbers are not listed anywhere I know of. 

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