16V timing marks

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Hi, I fired her up just after noon today. Without coolant in the engine. This was the routine I used when doing this sort of work when I had my business. START THE ENGINE AS SOON AS IT IS ABLE TO RUN. Tomorrow I’ll put water in her and run her for a time, to get the oil warmed up. Then I’ll change the oil and filter, drain the water, put in my 50/50 mix coolant and button it up.

I installed an ARP 11mm CYLINDER HEAD STUD KIT in place of the ‘stretch bolts’.

I don’t know if I’ll ever know the difference since I hope this will last as long as the last head gasket I installed back in ‘95. That’s 24 years ago.

I would be 103 at that time so there is little chance of that. I sure wouldn’t want to do this job then.

I may take some more photos, I keep forgetting as I am assembling the engine.

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 I was in Manchester CT today, thought about you when I passed by this.

Gnrl Lee.jpg

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That is the very car I use to service for John. The only one with "Bo's" ahead of General Lee.



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