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VMCCA Nickel Era Tour Gettysburg, Pa

Mark Kikta

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My wife and I had the real pleasure of going on our first Tour this week.  We rode in the tour with Brian Heil in his 1923 Buick and had a Blast.  The Buick community was well represented with Brian's 1923 Buick Touring and Larry Schramm's 1913 Buick Touring. Here are a couple of pictures of Brian's maroon 1923 Buick and Larry's silver 1913 Buick.  By the looks of Brian's face driving his car....he is having a lot of fun....look at that smile !

1913 Buick Larry Schramm.jpg

Brians 1923 Buick.jpg

Brian Heil driving 1923 buick.jpg

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