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Horseless Carriage Museum in Rapid City SD?

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Does anyone know anything about the Horseless Carriage Museum that was by Rapid City SD? I know it was somewhere on Hwy 16 but I don't know the exact location. By the way, I'm not talking about the museum in Murdo, this is something different. I have a brochure and postcard that I got off eBay from this museum so that's how I know about it. I mainly wanna know the exact location of the museum, the owner, what year the museum opened and closed, and some of the cars that were in it and what happened to them when this place closed. Feel free to share any information that you know of. By the way I just wanna mention something, I'm 15 and I know about this place. Yes a 15 year old knows about a abandon museum. I also know about Melton's, Henry Austin Clark Jr.'s, etc. I just like showing how different I am. You don't see many 15 year olds talking about this stuff. Also this has nothing to do with anything but I'm also a furry, so that should just give you a idea of who I am. Anyways this topic is about a museum so try to stay focused on that.

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