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REATTA #1 ( old dependable )- 1989

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🙁The 3rd Reatta to go down in 2 weeks! My 90 vert made it ok on a 400 mile trip & then quit in my driveway. FUEL PUMP ! My 90 coupe quit on way home from work, & I had to get towed home.FUEL PUMP ! My 1989 ( old dependable ) with 332,000 miles drove home fine,& next morning would not start.It was the FUEL REGULATOR,good preasure,but would not start until I unplugged the MAF. If I give it throttle it will quit,or if I plug the MAF in it will quit! I hate it when more than 1 thing goes wrong at the same time, when it was fine when shut off.I tightened up all grounds,tried 3 other MAFs,tried another known good ICM & coil pack,cleaned  MAF & IAC . NO CODES ! The only thing I haven't checked is the PVC valve & EGR & ECM. I use this Reatta almost every day & haven't had any bad problems! I has a problem when first started, if u don't take off right away it will act like a choke is on & stall.once u take off & wind it out it is fine.It has been doing that for a long time > other than that it has been good ! ANY IDEAS    THANKS

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