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I have lost my home!


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Think I was closing in on 1000 posts.

I know they weren't gramatically correct or technically sound but it appears either Barney, Padgett or Burkie Boy have cracked my password and withdrew me. Probably Burkie Boy, after all he is a yankee!


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Tool cool!! ooo.gif

Man I wish I would have thought of that wink.gif

Imagine what could have been said! grin.gif

Peter can probably help you.

So I do this search under brakes for wally888 and he is everywhere!!! Yet click on wally888 and I do not get directed to any of his posts. I go to his profile and I see a new member registered 10/28/02 06:21 PM BUMMER confused.gif

Get Peter to fix it.

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Guest Brolliar

Wally, it is really strange, just as EDBSO said wally888 is there when one does a word search but all your posts are gone. Also when I click on the wally888 name in the search listing the page I go to lists you as a new member as of 10/28/02. I emailed this forum moderator "Buick Racer" to see if he knew why you were gone. I hope it is just some computer glitch that can be fixed. It would be bad to lose all your old posts.

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Guest Reattaray

Don't feel lonely Wally. I went from a member to anonymous to new member. I may have entered an incorrect password in an attempt to foil Burkie Boy! My only son is a yankee by birth but a southerner by choice living in Tega Cay, SC. He calls it Maybury (sp.?). I'm driving my 90 Reatta as much as possible these days for it's off the road come Dec. 1st. frown.gif

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Hey, Ray:

We here in Southern California know about Reattas and winter. Come November 1, we put up the tops.


(and that's about the only thing jj's good for)

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<span style="font-weight: bold">WOW!</span> Wally 888 went from a [color:\\"red\\"]New Member to a [color:\\"red\\"]Senior Member in one day flat! And managed to post 983 post in that time. And poor <span style="font-weight: bold">Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects</span> only has a dozen posts!!

Is life unfair or what?

<span style="font-style: italic">Plain Member</span> RRR. frown.giffrown.gif

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