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New Member Need 1955 Roadmaster Help

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I just got off the phone with Old Tank who is a wealth of information.  I an a new first-time 1955 Buick Roadmaster owner.  This is my second classic car and the first car that I have taken on as a restoration project.   Engine runs great, heater blower works, power steering, lighting, power windows / power brakes are all fine. 


Everything else I need help with.  First the cam-o-matic wipers do not work.  I am pulling it and sending it to www.wiperman.com.  That was easy.  However, I have the washer jar and pump but the pump is shot and I am not sure which re-build kit to purchase.  I have looked for someone to rebuild for me but have had -0- success.  Also, the Wiper switch does appears to have a problem.  The top switch turns and does engage the motor, the center button seems to engage the washer but the bottom turn switch seems to have no contact with anything.  Can someone tell me how the switch works and if mine isnt functional, can you also tell me where to buy the switch?


Next, I am also going to need to put in a new main wiring harness.  The only one I can find online is a whopping $1,017.50.  Does anyone else have a better resource?  I would certainly appreciate it. 


PS.  Im a CPA, not a mechanic.  Definitely willing to barter.  Ha!


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Welcome, and nice car.  Sounds like it is as solid as it looks.  But regarding the wiring harness,  I would say that the car deserves a quality harness, and so do you.  I'd be careful about looking for a bargain on that type of thing in this hobby.  That said however, pick up a copy of Hemmings Motor News,  as there might be several other businesses doing that type of work.  That will allow you to make some calls and compare 

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Nice looking  car and l second the welcome! 

When it comes to wiring  do your research also look over your harnesses if they are original equipment they could be damaged  from  many  things. Sharp edges rubbing through the outer insulation, mice and poor repair  practices and age. On my last project  l purchased  a new harness  to replaced the original, after it was out l was glad l did.  Had all of the above  problems and it could have caused many a problem.  It is not easy if you replace your harnesses tag and mark everything, before removal then pictures. This will make a huge difference in how it goes in. You might have a battery shutoff if not put one on, l never leave my cars with  the battery  connected.


I know you say it stops good check the brake lines the rubber and steel. lf you were in my neighborhood l would help you out on this. This is the first place l go on a project is the safety , l just need to know it will stop.

Prchase manual's they are a big help.

Good luck on your  project


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