Tom Laferriere

1924 American Lafrance Speedster

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1924 American LaFrance Speedster, S/N 4445, 126” wheelbase. All systems 12volt with alternator, new rod bearings and mains adjusted at restoration. American LaFrance exhaust whistle, Rams Horn Intake. 20 year old restoration, car driven on many tours, not a trailer queen. Good runner and driver, could use some paint touch up mostly on hood from heat and age. Sprockets changed, 875 RPM yields 45 MPH.


This was the Speedster I met about 20 years ago that got me hooked on ALF Speedsters!  It was the very first ALF speedster I ever saw and the owner offered to take me for a ride and it was a ride I never forgot.  This was built by its current and very talented owner and has been toured 1,000 of miles since.


This car can be entered into any rally upon receipt!  Great Race 2020?


Located in Michigan.  $89,500.  Video and Additional pictures at the link.












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