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Radio with CD option


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Hello -

I have a 1991 Red Reatta with the AM/FM Cassette. I have been told that the cassette player is prone to jamming. Where can I find a factory original radio with CD player option?


Eric (Gaithersburg, MD) (B&F radio had one, but I believe it is already promised to someone).


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If you are still using the original factory radio, it is equipped to accept the CD player option that was available at the time the vehicle was built... the only rub is that the harness to connect the radio to the factory CD player would have to be installed and I believe the trim panel that is currently a storage cubby on your car would have to be changed as well to accept the CD player.

You could instead install a Buick head unit (from a later model)that accepts CDs. The advantage to this option is that your dash lighting will all match and there will be little to no rewiring required.

You could also go the aftermarket route and get a new head unit.

GM Delco Radios & CD Players:


Reatta parts (harness, trim pieces, possibly the CD player)


Aftermarket CD players:


(not necessarily the cheapest, but they have a large selection and free wiring adapters and instructions)

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