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Gas leaking out filler/gas cap onto fender - 37 Ford Woodie

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I have a 37 Ford Deluxe woodie wagon, which is immaculate.  I purchased in 2014.  Since I've had it, fuel has been leaking out of the gas cap and/OR the breather hole in the filler neck (just above the fender/gasket) onto the fender.  I have replaced the gas cap several times, along with other remedies such as placing various splash reduction objects in the filler neck.  These efforts have reduced the flow but not stopped it. 


UPDATE:  a NO-VENT cap made a significant improvement.  (Had tried one before but I guess the gasket was inadequate.)


The previous owner swears that he never experienced the spill/leak.  Hard to believe that it 'just happened', however... nothing has really changed.   


I would really appreciate any suggestions or insight!   I would be especially grateful for any close up photos of your gas cap & filler at the fender just to make sure mine is properly positioned.  Thanks!





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