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1932 Hup B216 Roadster


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Thanks so much for the reply....I really appreciate it 


I’m having a problem with the carb in that it will not idle without the choke about a quarter of the way out. I’ve cleaned it and gone through it but the same problem. I’ve been told that the dxr2 was a bad carb to begin with, even Stromberg admitted this and you could send it in for an exchange......any ideas


What carb are you using 


I’ll try to post a pic later

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I have a  few  Hupps  but  no  Model B. The  Hupp  Club  has  tec. advisors  on  all  the  models, maybe they  will see this  post  and  have  an  answer for  you.  On  second thought,  I  will  email  him  and  ask him  his  thoughts  on  your  problem.

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