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Need Help Identifying AMC Speedometer

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I can across this NOS speedometer that has an AMC shipping ticket.  The part number is 000999747 but there is no date on the ticket.  This speedometer does not remark about Unleaded gas only so I suspect it is prior to 1974.  It is 0 to 90 MPH and has slots for TEMP & FUEL gauges.  It has a high beam lense along with idiot light lenses for AMPS & OIL and right and left turn signal arrows.  I suspect around 70 -73 JEEP CJ-5, CJ-6 but I haven't been able to confirm.  Any help would be appreciated





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Here's a repro of it: https://www.morris4x4center.com/speedometer-head-w-odometer-913373.html


You're right, it's Jeep.  Since AMC bought Jeep in 1970, it must be at least 1970.  Since the federal gov't mandated 85-mph speedometers in all cars and light trucks in 1979, then it's no newer than 1979.  Based on nothing but pure speculation, the order number starts with 78270,  which could trans late to 1978, 270th day, which would be Sep 27th.  Jeeps didn't necessarily have catalytic converters until 1979, many from 1973-1978 may have had a sticker that said "Non-Catalytic."



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