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24 DB Transmission oil

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At the DB meet this summer I yhink I was told to put 600W oil in my 24 DB transmission. When I asked the local oil company for this, they said there is no such thing. Did I misunderstand? If not, who makes it?

Thanks in advance

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I can't say if it is correct for your application or not. From previous posts in other forums, here is some information I collected on the 600W oil. Note that many of these may be available from multiple sources including dealers local to you. The companies provided were provided in the original posts this information was obtained from.

Lubriplate SPO-299 is a 600W equivalent available through Restoration Supply Co. in Reno, NV. PH: 775-825-5663 (and often local sources, I'd check around locally first.)

Havoline 140 GL-4 is a 600W. It has to be GL-4 or it attacks brass/bronze.

Virtually any Model T or Model A restoration supplier should have the 600W oil. They use it in the rearend or so I am told.

Penrite oil market TRANSOIL 250 as a 600w gear oil. Penrite oil is now being sold in the USA by Classic Auto Lubes Tel 903 561 4858.

I cannot personally vouch for any of this, I have been keeping notes as my car also uses the 600W oil. You can do a search on the AACA Technical Discussion Forum and find several references to 600W oil.

Hope this helps,


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I have been driving a 1924 dodge since 1973. Right now I own and drive a 1923 Dodge Screenside (truck). The transmission and rear axle use to give me fits over leaks i.e. loss of brakes due to oil. I was told to use 600w oil which is the correct oil for these cars and all of my major leaks disappeared. My 5 gallon bucket is MOBILE OIL 600 W code 601260 5. I just called my local oil distributor not gas station or auto parts but oil distributor and asked for 600 w (weight) oil. You do not want the synthetic oil.

If you still have problems finding this oil send me a reply and I will send you oil from my private stash. Ha Ha I just purchased 5 gallons for me and my brother. We are Dodge fans.


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