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Interested in OAI hood for '72 Cutlass Supreme


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I am thinking about upgrading to an OAI hood to further "sportify" my '72 Cutlass Supreme Convertible.

In passing, I have seen prices from $450 to $1150 for repros. I am not too concerned with an original, but that the hood be correct. I have neither the patience nor the budget to hold out for an original.

Any suggestions on suppliers, and what I should reasonably expect to pay for a good quality reproduction? New or used for that matter.


Mike in Houston

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Mike, go to 442.com and you will see the "Thornton Hood" ad. This guy remans the W25 hood to OEM specs to include the metal hood liner unlike most of the 100% fiberglass remans out there. I think he gets about $1200 for one and I have seen one and it is as close to an OEM hood that I have seen .Good luck.


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