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Guest Greg Ross

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Guest C.F.Massie

Nice looking GM and looks like a great fit. Let the secret out, where you got them or if you made them, out of what? I've never had a fog light break but those would be nice to us Reatta owners just in case.

89 Red (159,000)

First and only owner. wink.gif

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Guest Greg Ross

Acquired a Grille a while back on Ebay from a Florida Car that was being parted out. Cut these (trial-and-error) from my old Grille, the edge trim is a little smoke-and-mirrors. Used self adhesive gray weather stripping.

Requires drilling/ boring two small holes in the front apron to accomodate speed nuts. The weather strip rims 3 sides and cushions where the grille piece touches the top of the opening.

The Driving Lamp is moved back a couple of inches using coupling nuts. I couldn't find any 12-24 size here locally so had to do some re-tapping/ mix and match. Can be returned to Stock arrangement "At Will" wink.gif

It's possible to get a couple of sets out of one used grille, I'm not going to offer to make them but could make up a template for anyone interested. There is a right and a left to suit the angles as they are fitted. cool.gif

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Guest wally888

Up close look!

Click on G M Ross , at profile, R. click on picture, select save to........

Once saved you will see the Big picture when viewing the one you saved.

or, you may be able to do it from the picture at his post?

Both ways work!

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