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2019 BCA National Photos thread

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Ok not meet related so forgive me but made it to Little Rock tonight. I've been here before ...it was a fav of Clinton (assume it still is) you'll understand why below



This was a 3lb T-bone we split between the 4 of us.



There was a Buick at my table tooIMG_20190615_183335.thumb.jpg.35297a677a5135d891aa857f2c971de7.jpg

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1 hour ago, Bill Stoneberg said:


Bill : What class was the DC-3 / C47 in. I don't remember judging it. Was it for display only?  Is the top one supposed to be a B-17. It looks somewhat like one, but no belly gunner or Waist gunner stations. Engines don't look quite right to me either. 

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28 minutes ago, Bill Stoneberg said:

I believe the top one is a B29 Weather plane.  I saw all these planes and much more at the remote show field at Tinker AFB gate.  These were all worked on at Tinker.


OK< that makes sense. The photo belies the physical size of the B29. But the canopy going up over the fuselage does look like a 29

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At the Kansas City air show this past weekend, "Doc" on of two remaining flying B-29's flew in for the week end, along with a number of of other historical vintage plane, to the Charles B. Wheeler downtown airport.




The highlight of the weekend was the performances of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels.  We didn't fight the crowds so we found the roof of a nearby parking garage.  They were fast, close, and loud.  I took some videos but they're not the right format for posting. 😕


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33 minutes ago, RivNut said:

I took some videos but they're not the right format for posting. 😕


 To post video I found it works easiest to upload them to YouTube and then post the YouTube video. If you have a Google account you have a YouTube account...

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